Survive The End Days


Nathan Shepard is a Bible scholar with a background in theology and archaeology. He has spent more than 17 years studying the ancient scriptures and how the words of the prophets became historical fact over time. Now, his spine chilling theory links present times events to Bible prophecies in a clear and concise way… and foretells a very sinister future for the US. From that moment on, he decided that he must become a survival expert, train and prepare for the worst disaster in human history…

Nathan Shepard’s prophecy: A summary

Nathan uses what he deciphered from the Bible to talk about what’s in store for the U.S… and why the U.S., despite being such an important piece of history, is never ONCE mentioned in the Bible (or is it?). He predicts the Lord’s Second Coming, and he talks about an EMP attack (Electro Magnetic Pulse) against the U.S., because this is what America is most vulnerable to, which he says will occur before or on January 1st, 2017, and the resulting disaster due to a permanent destruction of the power grid, which would basically set us back several hundred years, to a time when there was no electricity.

Quite a prophecy, is it not?

Will Nathan Shepard’s prophecy come true?

Obviously, there’s is no way for me to predict the future and tell you with any kind of certainty whether the prophecy will come true or not. It may or may not happen before January 2017, or it might not happen at all. The best advice I can give you is to watch the video and make up your own mind. If you’re not worried about it, then forget all about the prophecy and keep living your life as usual.

What I can tell you is that A LOT of people ARE taking Shepard’s prediction seriously, because millions of concerned citizens have watched the video, and hundreds of thousands of people have bought the Survive The End Days guide by Nathan Shepard.

Is Survive The End Days worth getting?

Whether Survive The End Days is worth getting or not is a tough question to answer. It’s dependent on Nathan’s prophecy coming true or not, which we obviously don’t know in advance.

What I can tell you is that the book itself is a decent read.

It does deliver on its promise to show you how to live in a world without electricity. If Shepard’s prophecy comes true, then Russia and “a great assembly of nations” would attack America with a nuclear device, which would cause an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), which in turn would destroy most of the U.S. power grid and electrical equipment. Then, an invasion would follow, with the resulting chaos that you can imagine. In this scenario, knowing how to live without electricity would of course be CRUCIAL knowledge.


Whether Nathan Shepard’s prediction of World War III, an EMP attack, and the end of days, will materialize or not is impossible for me to say. I think his book is a decent survival guide, though.

If you strongly believe, like so many others, that Nathan’s Bible prophecy will come true, then there’s certainly nothing wrong with picking up a copy of Survive The End Days.

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