The Science of Abundant Life

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The Science of Abundant Life

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“… if there is a particular book you need to read it will be placed in your hands at the right time.”
Wallace D. Wattles In “The Science of Being Great”

From: Tony Mase October 7, 2016
Dear Friend,
If you’ve ever wished for more out of life… or if you feel like there’s a “secret” to life you haven’t discovered yet… or even if you’re just tired of struggling all the time… then please read this message very carefully. It might be the most important information you read all year. It may well be the most important information you’ll ever read!

Hi, my name is Tony Mase and I’d like to start by sharing a story with you…

Does this sound familiar?

Over thirty years ago, while still a teenager, I decided I wanted to be rich, healthy, and successful. Although I hadn’t a clue as to how to achieve those goals, I knew there must be a way – a system I could follow that would lead me directly to those goals.

So, at the ripe old age of sixteen, I started reading books, listening to audio programs, and attending seminars about wealth, health, and success. Since then, I’ve read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of hours of audio programs, and attended dozens of seminars on how to get rich, how to be healthy, and how to become successful.

Some of these books, audio programs, and seminars were helpful, providing bits and pieces of the puzzle. Most proved to be absolutely worthless!

None of them provided what I was really looking for – a complete, simple, practical, easy-to-understand, step-by-step system for getting rich, being healthy, and becoming successful.

Quite frankly, after nearly thirty years of study, I’d very little to show for it. I was working hard, very hard, yet struggling financially. I was grossly overweight and my health was starting to falter. And, I was anything but successful.

Strangely enough, the more books I read, the more audio programs I listened to, and the more seminars I attended, the worse my life seemed to get.